Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weekend Visitor

Gosh how times flies, and this year has gone particularly quick!  Lots has been done though, so let me share some pics of this weekends work - with a little help from someone special.

Some roses were planted - Icebergs and some other bits too

                                   Anna helped me dig the last of the garden

We picked strawberries from the garden

Mowed the lawn - it was LONG (Anna deleted all the photos of her busy mowing, she id a stirling job that is for sure.)

Poor Anna got blisters - I did tell her to put her gloves on

Anna made me a beautiful breakfast - it's my birthday this week.

No stitching to show this week, lots on the go and things finished.  If I get a mo during the week I will post again with some of the other things I have been up to!

Have a great week everyone, 21 more sleeps so they tell me!!



Deb said...

Kath, your roses look lovely against the backdrop of your house. Poor Anna's hand, but what a sweetie for mowing the lawn for you.
Hope you have a lovely birthday this week, enjoy every minute of it.

Lesley said...

Your garden is really taking shape and the strawberries look deeeelicious. I hope Anna's blisters are healing quickly! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for this week:)

Wendy said...

Well done to you both. How nice to have Anna giving you a hand. A special memory to treasure. It is all looking soo good.

Deb said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kath. Your little garden is coming along well. Home grown strawberries are the best.