Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Weekend Visitors

This week saw me turn another year older and there have been some lovely birthday celebrations.  Katrina asked me to her home for a birthday dinner with her family and it was just lovely to sit and catch up. We have not all been together for a while.   I requested fish and chips so that none of us had to go to much bother with busy weeks around us and ahead.  Of course, Trina didnt listen to me lol, and she and Shirley made lovely salads to go with our fish and chips and Trina made a beautiful Sticky Date Pudding.... it was just yum!  Shirley added a fresh fruit salad.... just delicious.  Hannah was her usual funny self, how caring she is and her sense of humour is just delightful.  She is certainly growing up for too quickly.

I was very spoilt with pressies from family and friends.....

That cookbook is fabulous.... I have already tagged a few pages for my Christmas cooking this year

My new little iron and ironing board for my craft room... can't wait to use it!

Chris always brings me Macaroons from a specialty dhop in Wellington... just gorgeous.
Friday night saw Lauren and Chris come up from Wellington for the weekend.  As always it was great to see them.  They took me out to dinner at Lonestar - my favourite - on Saturday night and that was just lovely.  We had a quick look at a couple of shops before heding to the restaurant and the day was much brighter than we had at home.  I didnt take pics - drat!

When we got home the Christmas tree got decorated by Lauren and Chris and they made a great job of it.  Left me to put the lights on this morning and this is them and of course there is always a little helper of the four legged variety that thinks he is a gnome under the tree.

I will get told off for this one!!!

The gorgeous Mr Zeusy, he is such a poser!

And where was Mr Bill?  Why sleeping between the pillows of course!

It was all too soon for them to head back to the big smoke, but it will be wonderful as I know I will see Anna, Lauren and Chris and his family on Christmas Eve for a lovely lunch.  I am so looking forward to that.

I hope the festive season is being kind to you all and that you have most of your shopping and goodies almost sorted.  I still have a few things to do, but hey, that is Christmas right?

I have a heap mre things to share so watch in the next few days for an update!

Have a great week, thanks for visiting,



Wendy said...

Looks like a lot of nice pressies there Kath. And that Iron and ironing board look great. Hope you are enjoying the lead up to christmas too.

Lesley said...

What a lovely birthday :) and your tree looks gorgeous. I love the pics of your puss cats.

StitchCat said...

Happy birthday Kath....what lovely presents you received. I love the handy wee iron and ironing board...fantastic idea for the craft room :)