Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Few Days of R n R

I needed a break, not a big one, one enough to get over the winter blues, feeling blah and just be hone doing the things I love, when I wanted to.  And I wanted to be at home.

I finished stitching these three little beauties for Christmas.... just for the making up now.

I made a few other bits that have to remain secret for now.  I love what I made, how they turned out and well, they will all be in the post in the next few days.  I hope who they are going to will love them as much as I did making them up.  It is so nice to sit at the machine and see creations coming together.  Really makes my heart sing.

John working his magic

the finished result ready for me to work my magic!
The garden got rotary hoed, not by me, but John did the digging and Jenny bought in the compost.  Marvellous job they did too.  I can start planting plants in a couple of weeks, after I have raked and turned it all over with a fork.  Need to sort through some of the roots of plants that I had killed off prior to the rotaty how coming in.  Just want to make sure they are gone!  And planting will be no easy job, there is a lot more compost to be added to each and every hole.  The soil here is very gluggy as it is clay, so lots of work to do there.  It will be worth it and to see plants growing will be such a thing of beauty after bare ground.  I hope lol.

The boys loved me being home, and of course me being home brings things that I put aside for an hour or two.... but look who I found in the laundry basket! That will teach me.  He just loves the laundry and I guess it goes back to the times when he slept on a little hand towel, he still does!  Even Mr Bill has been coming out during the day to see what is happening.

Zeus, he cant resist sitting on stuff

And Billy just wanted to look at the bobbin!

I sat and sewed for a while last night, and of course I had helpers. They just can't bear to miss out.

I am finding getting older hard this year, and things that would come naturally to me seem just that little more strenuous on the body and my mind too.  It sucks.  But I am determinded to get this house licked into shape and enjoy it.  Never thought I would see me at almost 55 turning over a garden on my own, but there you go!  Gave me a lot of time to think that is for sure and there were a few tears of where my life is right now.  Quite therapeutic though.  2/3rds there but the next bit will be hard.  Maybe half an hour each night after work, or if I feel energetic a bit more and wallah, I can plant.  That part will be so good.  More pictures next post.

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for popping in.



Alison said...

The stockings look fabulous & I can't wait to see your little secret things!

You have done so well with the house and I know the garden will be just as gorgeous. You should be very proud of yourself - an independant, strong woman. :) Hugs!

Maggie said...

The stockings look wonderful!

Enjoy planting up your newly dug garden - the turning over is hard work, been there, done that, lol but i'm sure it will be worth it in the end. We also have very heavy and in parts clay soil, i've been told that if you plant potatoes here and there they break up the soil, plus you will have something to eat too! Might be worth a go!

Lesley said...

I love your stockings and look forward to seeing your planted up garden.

Von said...

Gardening can be great therapy! I've done quite a bit of digging out and turning over in my borders over the last ten years and I think it's helped my mood and has given me a nice sense of accomplishment when other areas of life seem to be going all wrong. Enjoy planting up your garden! Looking forward to seeing lots of lovely pics. :)

Wendy said...

Kath it is all looking so good. I can't wait to come and visit and see it in person. congratulations on all your hard work. Pleased to see that you enjoyed your break too. Happy stitching.

Deb said...

Yes, gardening is jolly hard work. Who wants to garden when there is stitching to be done anyway?!!

I am sure it will look fabulous once it is all done and all that hard slog will have been worth it.

Your cats are so cheeky! Bet you get lots of laughs from them xx

StitchCat said...

Oh Kath, the garden will look fantastic, and especially after all that hard work. You will get there. Well done you!!!!

Farm Girl said...

Your stockings look wonderful Kath. So does your garden progress ........ slow and steady wins the race - or gets the lovely garden. Summer is coming, so it will be a lovely reason to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy!