Monday, April 03, 2017

Oh! It's April Already!

I sit here and wonder where the time has gone!  Coming into Winter already and Autumn has hardly been here.  I just love Autumn and I am feeling quite robbed already, as the next few days are meant to feel like winter.  No, that does not make me happy!  On a happier note though, our weekend coming should be fine again, so I can live with that.  Oh what a lot of waffle!!!

I haven't been over busy on the crafting front, although I have made a few things.  Let's take a look...

There have been two birthdays since I last posted, Clare had a significant birthday late February.  I made her a wee pouch with a Lynette Anderson Stitchery, followed up with some Lynette Anderson Fabric.  I thought it came out quite well!  I must admit, I do enjoy making these wee pouches, and adding the stitchery to them makes them just a little more personal.

Then a couple of weeks ago, friend Wendy had her significant birthday too!  So I stitcher her this wee Lizzie Kate cross stitch...

It's call Gratitude.... and I love it too. I have made it into a wall hanging, with a ruched ribbon edge, and have sewn a little hanger on the back too.  I do hope to stitch this for me in the not too distant future.

I have also started something new, knitting socks!  Gee, I never thought I would see the day, but there you go,  Never say never!  Here is the start of my first efforts...

I am really enjoying knitting again.  There is something really quite peaceful about knitting.

In other news, eldest daughter Lauren, has moved to Melbourne permanently.  I am so sad to see her move over the ditch, but she is totally career minded and this is the right move for her.  She started her new job today, has moved into a flat with a fellow Kiwi lass and I hope it all goes well for them both.

Here she is saying goodbye to us all.  Photo taken by her school friend and best friend, Tash.  Before she left, she spent some time with here little sister Anna, and their fathers dog Brax.  I really love this photo.

We are about to be hit by a few days of rough weather, and cold too it seems.  I took a photo of my wee outside garden yesterday, and the scent of the roses was absolutely gorgeous.

I really am still developing this little area.  Landscaping is not my true forte I must say!

Well with that all said, time is racing on by and the end of another day is nigh.  I am still not working.  It's all quite ridiculous now!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I do love your comments too.


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