Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Signings and Magazines

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning....

                                               Katrina, Annabel and me

Yes folks, Annabel Langbein was in town.  Katrina gave me a ticket to the signing for my upcoming birthday, and I was just tickled pink!  Annabel signed our books and even allowed us to be photographed with her.  I have to say, I just love her cooking and her books.  I have a few it is fair to say, of Annabels cooking books.  We both had a lovely time.

Two of my cookbooks that were signed

... by the lady herself.

I dont buy a lot of magazines anymore, sadly, but there are two I buy without fail.

The first is Homespun, and Australian monthly publication that has so many projects in it, and it can be hard to decided which one to stitch/sew first.  I have bought the Christmas in July issue of Homespun for many years, and it is only in the last couple that I have bought it every month.

This months has a fantastic table cloth in it designed by Lynette Anderson, and it is just too cute.  I can really see this in my home in years to come.  Those reindeer are just too cute.

Just too cute!

The second magazine I buy is Food.  A fabulous foodie magazine that has the most amazing recipes in it each publication.  I so look forward to it and have been buying this for a good few years now.  Some of my favourite recipes have come out of these books.

Food Magazine

Yesterday I made this from Food's

Lemon Loaf - very yummy!

... very latest issue.  I took it to Katrina's as she had asked Clare and I for a bit of a stitchy Saturday afternoon, it was a lovely relaxing time.  I stitched heaps!  Can't show though, well not yet anyway.




Charlie and Wendy said...

What a lovely treat to get to meet Annabel Langbein, I enjoy her show too and have a couple of her books.

Nicky said...

That's a lovely pic of the three of you Kath. Homespun is one of my faves too.....

StitchCat said...

Wow Kath, Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the book signing. I just love Annabel too, though I have yet to get a cookbook, but I never miss her TV programe. The lemon loaf looked devine.