Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well I guess that is appropriate with it being Halloween!  I know I have not posted in a while, again.  That's life in this household these days.  I have to do other things, deal with other stuff, so other stuff just gets left for when I can deal with it.  I have come to realise I cant be a super woman any more and to do the things that are important to me and to be happy.

I have been on my own for five years now.  Can I believe it, no I cant to be honest.  Time has flown.  I am proud of my achievements, it has been bloody hard work though and I am not getting any younger.  Life is a tad odd, and quite solitary at times.  I cant say I mind that after a day at work where I have to talk a lot of it.  There are things missing though I have decided.

There has been another health incident, but have come through that absolutely fine.  I did have to come to terms with that though after I had my wee procedure, and it was harder than when I had my gall bladder out.  After a week or so, I am fine and my head it is a better place.  It is amazing what can tip you over the edge.  I have had a complete warrant of fitness this year, so should be happy where I am at.  I know there are people so much more worse off than me, and one in particular that I am thinking of right now.

I did pick up my stitching now and again and have worked on my SKoW blocks.  Sadly I am not going to have it finished by Christmas, but never mind.  I am having some time off after Christmas and will finish it off then.  This is really my first quilt, and I do need some help with it.  I have a stitchy buddy, Clare who does amazing work and has helped me with a few things now.  She is going to help me put it together, and then, another first, it will get quilted some how, probably a bit of machine and a bit of hand if I can.  All new to me.

I could not get photos done as my 'helper' just had to be in the shots.  It took me ages lol and he is such a poser!  I have actually done most of the blocks to this quilt now, just two more to finish off.

I am also working on some Christmas things, so cant show those piccys yet.

The garden has had a spruce up too.  I have a few new plants to put in to fill up holes still
 and I know that is going to look great.  Only two more gardens to do!!  It is costly, certainly worth the effort though.  And also quite physical, I do enjoy that part too.  I had the offer of a water blaster over the weekend, and completely washed down the house and front fence that was looking a bit worse for wear too.  Thrilled with results.  I slept well Sunday night lol.

The weeds are thick... this is just the last little bit I have to do.  Should take me about half an hour tops!

I do have some other things to show you, that will have to wait till next time.



Chookyblue...... said...

you will be surprised how quickly this quilt will come together once you start joining the are doing so well for your first quilt.......

StitchCat said...

Hope everything is falling into place now Kath

Nicky said...

Hope all is well now Kath. Your quilt blocks are amazing, especially for your first quilt. Clare will be a great help to you too.