Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mojo of Life... Where is it?

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just yet,  life and it's little foibles that got in the way a bit.

Sunday afternoon of Queen's Birthday weekend, (first weekend in June) and I had done all the chores inside and out that I needed to do and thought I would settle to do some stitching in front of the fire with a nice hot chocolate.  Twenty minutes or so after having said hot chocolate, pain, intense pain, set in.  I did not know where to put myself.  I struggled through the night, and felt a tad - just a tad - better on the Monday and went to the Dr on the Tuesday.  He gave me pain relief that did not touch the sides, and I battled on for another couple of days before heading back.  Into hospital, the first time, I went.  The staff were marvellous.  I can't sing their praises high enough for the care and attention they gave me. I was admitted overnight to see how things went.  Consensus was, my gallbladder blocked by a stone.  Great!!  And my lovely neighbour Kelly, was there with me all the way.  I can't thank her enough.

Cutting a long story short, I was admitted again a week later, as we had to get some of the infection and inflammation down so they could operate.  One gallbladder and one largish gallstone later, I was recuperating at home.  June was gone in the blink of an eye.

I had days where I just wanted to sleep, and others where I have felt ok to do a few things.  The girls came to look after me and did a great job too.  And my friends checked up on me too so I was in good hands.  It is very frightening being on your own when these things happen and while that is my life now, I at least know what to be alone in life is all about.

One thing that remained in my head from the night I had in hospital, was the piece of shortbread that I had with my cuppa for supper. It was so good! I dreamt about it..... so  I have made my own shortbread. I realised after a couple of batches what they did to make it taste like it did in hospital.  It's all in the icing sugar.

July went by with work, eat and sleep, and I did read quite a bit.  I went to bed quite early as my job is quite busy, and getting busier by the day now heading into our busy season, so I work hard to keep things up to date.  I am the 'go to' girl at work, there are a lot of interruptions to my day.  I like it that way though and enjoy what I do and where I work.  I did pick up a little stitching, and did quite well on some of these for a while until I came to a halt - why I just dont know!

August shot through too, the days were getting longer but still very wet.  I did have a day out with friends.... and it was a lovely day too.  I even managed to plant a couple of plants in the garden.... and have vowed to buy less stitching goodies and more plants till I have things looking how they should be.  It is hard doing everything on my own and I am really feeling that as I get older.  I don't ask for help often, when I do that is when I need it.

So here we are in September, a birthday of my eldest daughter Lauren saw me in Wellington.  We had a lovely dinner out with her friends, and family popped on in too.  I enjoyed the weekend and it was over too quick. 

Lauren and I
Lauren and Chris
Let's hope that I can pick up my stitching this week and make some progress and get my quilt finished.  It is such a lovely design and I have enjoyed working on it a lot.  I would like to see something finished this year!   Christmas is also coming and there is a box of goodies that I need to make, stitch or finish.  It will happen and with the nicer days approaching I will be able to stitch outside too.  The sewing room will not be as cold so all should go well.  Famous last words huh!

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Alison said...

Oh Kath...hope you're feeling much better after all that! I know what gall bladder pain feels like. Ugh.

Deb said...

Gosh, Kath what a full on time you have had. So pleased you are up and about without pain now. Take care of yourself.

Wendy said...

So lovely to hear what has been happening with you. Being alone is not nice but having friends that care helps. We are there for you Kath. Roll on summer.

Cathy Lloyd said...

Miserable, miserable gallbladder! I was never so happy as to get rid of mine! Hope you are feeling better now! I've had a few brushes with the hospital this summer so I know how "not fun" they can be. Kidney stones...and more to come as well! Thanks for keeping us up to date! Enjoy your spring!

Raewyn said...

Gosh what a time of you have had. I hope life can return to normal for you.