Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter For Another Year

mmmmm... yum yum!
Well, the last of the Easter buns have been eaten, and what goes well with them, a good cuppa.  How lovely it is to have a nice break, four whole days just doing whatever!  Well, in my case it has been sewing and stitching. I have so enjoyed it.  I do have a lot of projects on the go at the moment and really need to get stuck into them.

the new bed with cat fabric - what else!!
and the boy himself just laxing out

I did make this yesterday for My Zeusy, a new bed!  He instists on lying close to me when I am at the dining room table or in the sewing room, this is just the right pillow for him to have his own space and not want to lay on my precious fabrics. ( I bet I end up making another for the sewing room!!) He has quite a stubborn nature at times, and is quite insistant on being not too far away from me.

very rich and sumptuous, top fabric is Japanese Lifestyle and the bottom is a batik that goes perfectly.
Clare and I had a wee trip to Napier on Saturday as Racheal at Patch n Quilt had a sale.  I was very restrained, but did get a couple of fat quarters.  This is one I really loved and have got a piece of batik fabric to tone with it and will make some kitchen accessories with it.

Today is my lovely friend Katrina's birthday.  Happy birthday Trina, know that you have had a wonderful day with lots of visitors and lovely gifts.  With a sunny warm day to top it off.

I stitched for her this little coin purse, (from Anni Downs Some Kind of Wonderful book) such a fun stitch and totally Katrina as she just loves to shop!  There were other goodies, I will let her share them with you.

We always swap a little stitched 'something' for Easter,

pattern can be found here
This year Katrina made me this....  isn't it cute!!  I just love it.  She totally spolit me to be honest.  I feel very lucky.  I stitched this little JBW design Bunny for Katrina.  I really enjoyed stitching this one and I will make one for myself too.  We did have a giggle as our parcels were the same size, and it has happened bfore that w have stitched the same pattern for each other.  We still laugh about it.
Bunny by JBW Designs, stitched with WDW Begonia
a mate for Rabbit that I stitched last year...

The days have been pretty bleak, but today the sun is shinning, very warm outdoors too.  I have done a bit of spraying of weeds that have come up on the deck, still  have a few more chores to do over the next few days too.

I hope your Easter has been as peaceful and restful as mine.

God bless one and all



Raewyn said...

It does sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Kath. I also enjoyed the change of pace. They are lovely Easter stitcheries, both given and received and I do like Zeus' new bed - very appropriate!

Alison said...

Love all your stitching & look at Zeusy boy laying there. He's so gorgeous.

Did you see SB have the retreat booklet out? The theme is Christmas. sigh. Such a pity I can't afford it this year.

Claire Maria said...
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Charlie and Wendy said...

All your projects are lovely, cute cat bed. Love all the Easter stitcheries.

Lesley said...

I love the cat fabric and the picture if its owner testing it out :)

Lovely stitching made and received.