Friday, December 30, 2011

Lazy Holiday Days

The stockings hung with care this year

How lovely it is to be at home with no rushing around.  Just to spend time with the girls, in the garden and a little time with my stitching.  I enjoy that.  Even a lovely dessert....

A rolled berry pavlova

Katrina, Glenn and Hannah popped around on the day after boxing day and we exchanged out Christmas gifts.  All great of course!  Here is a sampling from Katrina...

a lovely stitchery which I will hang in my sewing room

a very cute bon bon

a great quilting book - really good ideas in this
These for Katrina....



a Thread Catcher

And ornament - found here
and I had a lot of fun making for these for Katrina, knowing that she wanted a cover for her sewing machine.  And thank you to Clare too.... I got a bit lost in Christmas with my head in too many places, Clare set me right and helped me get the binding sorted and show me a few tricks.  Great friends that is for sure.  The patterns I used can be found here, here, and here.

And I just must show you these cards Wendy made, for all occasions.... a brilliant idea!

And look at Wendy's ornament..... from this

to this...

A very cute angel.

We managed a bit of after Christmas shopping at the sales with a trip to Napier with the girls.  I got a couple of things I really wanted.... and at good prices too.  A couple of tops too, so have some summer clothes at last!

A great cookbook....
The days have been lovely and not too hot with a nice breeze just to take the edge off.  I spent time in the garden - weeds wait for no one! - cleaned out the sewing room after the Christmas frenzy in there, and just caught up on chores so the next week can be for what I would like to do and to start a couple of sewing projects that had been put aside for this time.
Holly and Ivy - Shepherds Bush - a kit
The weather is meant to pack in for the next few days, so I can see the sewing machine being used a lot.  I have found a pattern for Anna's quilt, and will purchase another fabric to use with the Bliss I won from Deb's giveaway.

Chris and Lauren are back for a night and will head back home today to spend time with their friends for New Years.  Anna I will be here, no plans just chilling out.  Cant say that I am overly into New Years parties, but a bit of time to think about the coming year will certaily be in order.
So with that I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, hope all your wishes and dreams come true and you and yours stay happy and healthy.



Christine said...

Happy New Year, Kath! Wonderful gifts, both given and received. That berry pavolva looks amazingly delicious!

Farm Girl said...

Oh Kath, your stockings are awesome!! They look lovely all hung together, well done! Your gifts given aqnd received all look so beautiful....
Gosh that pav roll looks great, my mum could make them just like that, but mine have always failed when I roll them :-(
Happy New Year to you and your family.....

Raewyn said...

Happy New Year Kath! What a lovely array of goodies you've shown - aren't homemade gifts the best! Love the look of that pav - bet it didn't last very long!