Monday, January 31, 2011

January Update

Gee, another month has passed. Where ever does the time go to?

Things have been going along well and there is much to share. No so much with stitching and sewing projects, they are underway, but oh so slow! With me waking so early - at 5 am, I am ready for bed by 8 pm so sitting stitching has not been an option this week. DRAT!

So what has been happening... there have been some lovely mornings when Iwalk with Kelly from over the road, I just love looking out my window as the view is to die for. I am not sure I want the fence up at the back yet, and while it is sitting there, I just might enjoy the view for the moment. Winter might be a different story when the howling southerlies come roaring through that gap, a small price to pay for the moment though.

Anna came to stay a few weeks ago, and she took this photo of herself.... I just love it. The days were very warm and she spent quite a bit of time wandering around with her camera, as she does. There was hay making going on and the smell of the freshly cut grass was wafting through just made it all seem so sweet and summery.

Last weekend was horrific weatherwise, and rain it did. While it was badly needed I did wonder if it would stop. Rain brings inside days though, and baking and the fire. Yes, I lit the fire, it was quite cold. Bake, well I made this loaf, and it was gorgeous. I would cut the sugar down if I made it again though. The recipe can be found here, and I substituted the zucchini for the beetroot. I had cooked the beetroot, next time I might try it raw. And making two loaves, it is economical on the power. I am going to make it this weekend with zucchini that Clare gave me out of her garden. Amd talking of gardens, mine is not doing too bad either. Look what I picked and plucked out of it....

Katrina and Clare also came to stitch for a Saturday afternoon, it was great to catch up with them and talk of stitching and retreats we may have this year and what we are all going to do. We hope that some of our 'old' stitching buddies will be able to join us for a good old natter and catch up. The lists are long for us all. I need a few more hours in the day, everyday, that is for sure if I am going to get all these things done.

I will come back with a stitching update during the week, just have not taken the photos yet and would like to get this post, posted!!!

Thanks for the comments for those who leave them, and thanks for dropping by for a look at my world.


Michele said...

Fantastic pictures!

Jan said...

Great pics...the bread looks yummy!

Farm Girl said...

Your misty pics are lovely Kath. I see you have a Leannes House block on your header - have you finished that quilt? Mine is as usual - only half finished.

Deb said...

What do you mean you lit the fire????? It's the middle of summer!! You need to move to the Waikato. I was in shorts and T shirt all that weekend. lol

Isn't it a good feeling to wander out to the garden and pick your own vegies. I have been overrun with zucchini too and am always on the lookout for new ways to use them. The Alison Holst Choc Zucchini cake is always a winner in this house. Will try your loaf this weekend.

Elaine said...

Lovely photographs, look forward to seeing your latest stitches.

Wendy said...

Love the look of your blog. Nice to read to. Would love to catch up for a bit of stitching sometime when I get back. Hope you are enjoying lots of fresh produce. My garden was just getting good when I came away. Lord knows what it will be like when I get home, boo hoo.

Debs said...

Very happy to read your update, and glad that summer is going so well for you. How lovely Anna is, all grown up. And how enterprising of you to plant a garden and have such a lovely harvest. Great pics too, so misty--I'll bet it smelled really wonderful those mornings.

Natalia said...

I am new to your blog and I like it !! Great pictures and yummy bread. Sounds like you had a good time with your friends !!