Thursday, December 30, 2010

December update

Goodness, it's been well over a month since I updated my blog! Merry Christmas one and all, I hope Santa was very kind to you and you all had wonderful family festivities.

It's been quite a month! A birthday - yes, mine - and I had a pretty low key day. When you get to my age now, I think that is the way it is. Anna came up and spent it with me which was lovely. She was here for a few days and we just chilled. She was pleased to see 'the boys' and had a nice relaxing time.

Here she is with Zeus and Toby, the cat who is from over the road. He and Zeus get on famously.
I received these beautiful stitched pieces from Katrina and Clare. Thank you ladies for the love and care that has gone into these peices, they are just beautiful.

A is for Angel

Isn't this little needle booklet just beautiful too? Clare is the Queen of needle booklets. I am not sure what the pattern is from, I will have to ask Clare when I next see her.

December (October and November were no better) seemed to go in a blur, I hardly stitched, completely lost my mojo. Not a good time to do that at all. It happens and I have had to accept that. Even the things I did make I did not remember to take photos.... silly girl! So maybe I will just have to make more!

I have had the girls here over Christmas, separately as Lauren had to work, but we did get to spend one night together in Wellington. Anna and I stayed at the James Cook in town. And what a night it was. Rained and blew like there was no tomorrow, and the trip home was pretty horrific too. Debris all over the road, and Lauren and I witnessed one of the huge road signs being ripped out of the ground and tossed into the air. Quite an amazing site to say the least. Emergency services were quick on the scene to remedy the situation.

Here is Anna outside the lovely display at the James Cook. The photo just does not do the little house justice.

My girls, Lauren and Anna, Christmas 2010. I love them a lot.

I did receive some gorgeous pressies for my birthday and Christmas, and all had a couple of themes. Do you think my friends know me well???? LOL. I do. I am completely thrilled with my goodies and I know my books will be put to good use over time.

A very cute stitchery holder from Katrina, complete with a llittle green cat, a gorgeous blockroll and pincushion from stitching friend Clare, and look, the little green needle holder from Wendy. Aren't they just terrific? And so me!!! Thank you to my dear friends.

And cat things.... Anna fround these cute little candies, a gorgeous ornament stitched by Claire, and manicure set, in the shape of a cat and a wee pate knife from Wendy. Just too cute for words.

And these beauties.... cook books of the moment. And I have them all. I just love the authors of these cook books, and I am sure these will be the books that I will use and look and oooh and aaah over for many years to come. Anna and Lauren gave me the Jo Seagars, and Annabelle Langbein, Katrina the Jamie Oliver - this is a very good book for anyone considering purchasing it - and the boozy one from Wendy. What are you telling me Wendy????? Thank you one and all.

I am off work for a few days, and will return next Wednesday. I am enjoying the time away and cannot say that I have done much. I think after the year that has been, it is exactly what the dr has ordered for me.

This is what I want to do this year, 2011, and thank you to Katrina for the lovely stitched pieces that I have received from you this year.

I do hope to stitch more in 2011, I have several projects that I want to finish and I have a few starts on the go too. Katrina and I have a couple of SALS we want to do together, and we will also stitch ornaments each month. I have been collecting designs for a while now and have some really lovely ones in my hot little hand to turn into ornaments. There are quilting projects too, and these will probably be done with Clare on those cold winter Saturday afternoons. How much will I get done I wonder. I just know that I need to be focused about it all and stay calm lol.

Happy New Year one and all, thank you for visiting my blog over the year, such as it has been, and I want to make more regular updates to by blog in 2011. Time will only tell.


Deb said...

Oh, belated birthday wishes Kath, even if I am a month late! You have some gorgeous presents. I love the Jo Seagar books and the Annabel Langbein one...use them all the time. Haven't got the other two.

The stitched gifts from Katrina and Clare are beautiful, as were all your other gifts.

My, the girls aren't girls now...quite the young women now. I still picture Anna as a young teenager when we came to your place in Paraparaumu. My, how she has changed.

Happy New Year Kath.

Alison said...

Great to see an update from you Kath. Fabulous presents and great're a lucky duck! Happy belated Birthday!

Anne S said...

Happy belated birthday - and happy New Year to you! Hope that 2011 is a much better year :) You have some exquisite gifts from lovely pals :D

Farm Girl said...

Lovely post Kath , belated birthday and Christmas wishes to you. Your gifts are lovely, such beautiful stitching and cookbooks look great too! Best wishes for 2011.

Wendy said...

Lots of nice goodies there Kath. Hope you enjoy creating with your cookbooks. Roll on 2011 and a great mojo for all things that we enjoy.