Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Bit of a Change

Oh how the days have changed and so quickly too.  I have gone from this....

to this....

and it is amazing just how cold it has become.  But winter has its good things too, and I am hoping that plenty of stitching will be on the agenda for me this year.  And I love my pippers heaps.

I am home at the moment too, injured.  Poor old Zeus has had a bit of a problem and I ended up having to take him to the vet on Sunday.  All went well there till I came out of the consulting room and headed off to pay for the visit.  The floor had just been mopped and I went for a real skate.  Landed on the top of my left leg and man did it hurt!  For ages.  I sat there for about 10 minutes unable to get up, and once I was up had to sit for a bit longer hoping that I could get out to the car to get home.  There are real disadvantages of living on your own I have discovered, and being unwell is one of them.  Anyway, Monday came and I toottled off to the Dr and he gave me the verdict after x-rays of a soft tissue injury and said to rest for a couple of days at home. So here I am on the last day home.  Work again tomorrow, just Thursaday and Friday then the weekend again.

I did have some photos from Easter to show too, 

These are little Easter goodies that Katrina has made me for Easter over the years.  I just love them and look forward to Easter each year to bring them out along with these little bits of mine.

And Ihave moved yet again, when will that ever finish?  I know I will have at least one more move, if not a couple yet.  I guess that's life.

I am off to stitch on a ring pillow now, I have done the mere outline and hope to have it finished over the weekend along with my Mother's Day piece I stitch in memory of my dear mother each year.

Stay safe one and all, and happy stitching.  Thanks also for the great comments I receive.  I just love them.


marci said...

Seeing your slippers makes me shiver! We went from an unseasonably warm 90F to norms back in the upper 40s/low 50s. (Sorry I'm not able to convert to C off the top of my head anymore!) It's raining here and is so damp, I can't get the chill out of my bones.

Glad to see you posting and hope that your move wasn't too stressful. Thanks for sharing the lovely Easter goodies.

Von said...

Guess the upside to your injury is the chance to catch up on some stitching! Do take care of yourself and take the time to heal fully, Kath. Stay warm. :)

Jane said...

Sorry about your fall, Kath. Hope you're ok to return to work. Perhaps you could have played on it a bit more for the doctor and got extra time off - for stitching of course! :)

We had a real cold spell middle of April, though it's not much warmer now. I hate the cold and I tend to stitch less in this weather. Give me the sun and warmth any day!

Debs said...

Oh Kath, I'm so sorry to hear that you are injured. Are you feeling better now? How is old Zeus? And one of these days you need to tell us why you move so often. Hugs and warm thoughts winging their way to you--you can have our warmer weather if you'd like--I really prefer the winter months anyway.