Monday, April 27, 2009

BBD Contest

Oh I have had a busy wee time over the past few weeks.  I ahve moved - again - and yes, it is getting very tiresome to say the least.  One day it will end.

Over the past week though, I have stitched.  Joined the contest with the Blackbird designs and this is how my piece turned out.....

Stitched with dmc thread, colours 730. 732, 734 
on Summer Khaki 32 ct Evenweave

It is a tribute piece to my lovely Grandma, the lady who gave me the bug to sew, stitch, knit and other crafty things.  Leila Gwendoline Houston Needham.  Grandma has not been with us for many, many years, but there is not a day goes by when I do not think of her.  She was a very special lady who lives on in my heart.

I gave a copy of this pattern to friend Clare and she stitched it as well....

We both had a lot of fun sitching these pieces and look forward to seeing all the other stitched pieces.

Happy Stitching everyone.


Nic said...

That's really pretty - I love how all the versions I've seen are so different, yet each is really attractive.

I loved how stitching on mine brought back memories of my great grandma. She died when I was a teenager, and lived 400 miles away, but I was lucky enough to spend time with her.

And fingers crossed your life becomes a little more settled soon!

Loraine said...

I really like your version. The colors are nice. Your friend's is also nice. I never thought to change the size of the sampler!

Von said...

I do hope you get to settle into one place for a good long while now! Moving is way to stressful, especially on top of all the rest of the stress you've had.

I'm certainly enjoying seeing all the interpretations of the BD sampler and yours is no exception!

Maggie said...

Great stitching! i'm enjoying seeing how everyone has made this peice their own.

marci said...

Wow! I first saw Nic's piece, now yours. Love them both, but the colors in your piece are lovely.