Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Stitching but Other Stuff

Crikey, another weekend gone and still no stitching! It's becoming a bit of a habit, or is it just that time of the year I am asking myself.

Had our Christmas party last night, oooh it was a late night, then when I finally did get to bed I couldn't go to sleep. Great!! Fabulous night though and lots of laughs, good food and a few drops of wines to boot.

This afternoon Katrina rang and said that Anne was popping in with her Mum.... what a lovely chatty time we had with them, and here are us all, Hannah is sound asleep. What a lovely pair they are, and it was a lovely relaxing time. I hope we all meet again one day. I stayed at Katrina and Glenn's for a lovely BBQ dinner, how I miss a good bbq!

I also had a wee finish on a project I had been working on.... here are the results.

My Christmas Tree made of stars. I love it. I do need a decent 'something' so the points are stuffed a little more. I am on the lookout for such a tool.

And as I was leaving Katrina's tonight, she gave me her ornament to me.....

Isn't it pretty. Thank you so much Katrina.

Righto, on that note it is time for bed. Have a good week everyone, 11 more sleeps till Santa!!


Nic said...

I love your Christmas tree - what an unusual - but effective - decoration!

Would a knitting needle help you get the stuffing in the points? I tend to use one (or a pencil) on fiddly stuff.

Simone said...

I love your christmas tree! I always use a chopstick for the filling.

Leah said...

Your star tree is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Look at you all there! Fabulous!! Love Katrina's that a ready-to-paint wall I spy?? LOL.

Any of the things the other girls have mentioned should do the job with the stuffing. I use 1/4" dowel as I have lots on hand after abandoning my roman blind project!

marci said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas tree. Is that a pattern you can share? If so, I'd love it. :)

Glad to see you back blogging more frequently. I've missed you!

Anne S said...

Just wanted to drop by and say how lovely it was to meet you - I hope it won't be the last time ... looking forward to welcoming you onto our Aussie shores for a GTG - the sofa bed is always free for you! :D