Monday, December 29, 2008

After Christmas Bits and Pieces

Oh well, Christmas is over for yet another year, and this one has been lovely spending it with my girls. We ate, laughed, spent time with other families, and had friends from my old life drop in. It was lovely.

I am home now, and have bought Lauren with me for a few days. This could be the last time I see her for a while, as she and Andy are heading off to Melbourne, Australia in the New Year. Here she is in the sun reading Twilight.

But before I go on, there are some other things I would like to post. I got a beautiful parcel from my friend Wendy-Jo for my birthday. My very first floss tag, and I just love it to bits. And some lovely Crescent Colours threads, these will come in most handy. Thank you Wendy-Jo.

I also did quite a bit of baking before I headed south.... here are some photos of what I made.

Shortbread Angels - I made these parcels up and gave them to workmates.

Afghans, always a favourite.

Yo Yoes, Anna's request.

This is a plate of goodies I made up. Yum!

Our Christmas lunch, we ate outside in the sun and it was totally delicious.

I got making in the days before Christmas, we had been extremely busy at work and I had left my run to finish these off a bit late, but they did get done. Great fun to make and I just love them.

And while I did not do the traditional tee thing this year, this is what we did have.

The photo really does not do it justice. I had ornaments that were all stitched by friends, and from exchanges over the years. I loved it.

Alice enjoyed Christmas too.... she is Anna's little cat.

I did catch her a couple of times trying to take the ornaments off the tree, she is into everything and is a busy wee girl.

So, while I am off work these few days between Christmas and New Year, I have also been working on this piece - SB's Scatter Christmas.

I am hoping to get it finished before New Year, as I have a SAL that I am joining and have a couple of SB's I am going to stitch for that.

So that is how our Christmas went. While it was busy with a lot of travel, it was good. I am looking forward to 2009, things can only get better for me and the girls. I am hoping to stitch a lot more and produce some designs that I have been longing to stitch.

Happy New Year everyone!


Nic said...

Your Christmas finishes - edible and not - look great. I hope that you have a good New Year and that 2009 is good for you - you deserve it!

Rowyn said...

I feel hungry now after looking at all that delicious baking!

I love your non-traditional Xmas tree, and Alice looks like a sweet wee cat.

Wishing you all the best for 2009!

Von said...

What a feast for the eyes! Your holiday was completely delicious. :)

Best wishes for you and yours in the New Year, Kath!

Jane said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas with wonderful food to eat. Not forgetting a bit of stitching too - great progress on Scatter Christmas!

Happy New Year, Kath! Hope 2009 brings you much happiness.

Kajsa said...

Yummy!Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I'll get those patterns to you.

BESTEX said...

Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch