Monday, October 10, 2011

Things Just Got Done...

Oh what a great weekend I had.  Nothing particularly special, and with a bit of warmer weather it is amazing just how motivated one can be.

Clare at her computer - learning how to blog!

Firstly, I did go and help Clare get her blog up and running and taught her to do a few new things.  Clare is new to the computer and blogging, so helping her to get started was great.  Watch her blog, she does the most beautiful stitching and quilting work.
After doing the obligatory chores after a working week, and a wet one at that, I managed to mark out and spray the grass where my new garden is going to go.  Watch this space!  I have a few plants to put in it and hope to find a good sale over Labour weekend to add a few more to this front garden.

I have marked where the edge is and have killed the grass...... watch this space for what happens next!

A couple of little roses that I have ready to go in the ground.  Called Iceberg.

And some sweetpeas that I have in a pot - looks as if there is two varieties there!

Kelly came over, a lovely neighbour from across the road, and she helped me hang the artwork for my lounge.  It has only been sitting on the lounge floor for the best part of a couple of months!  It is great to have it finally on the wall.  My walls are pretty bare really, apart from my bedroom where some of my treasured SB pieces hang.  Also popped into give Katrina her thread and some mags, was nice to see her and her family too

Lizzie Kate -  ABC Christmas

Shepherds Bush - Elisabeth Stocking

We then sat for a while with a cuppa, Kelly with her knitting and me working on a little more of Lauren's stocking.  I would like to have this finished by Labour weekend, two weeks from now, to be able to make it up.  And the others that I have already stitched.  Good times.

2010 JCS Ornament magazine

An this has arrived..... I have already earmarked one or two must stitch designs.
So thanks for swinging by my part of the world, have a great week.

Till next time



Wendy said...

Wow. You have been busy. Keep up the good work. How nice that you are helping Clare with her blogging. Maybe I should get some lessons.

Cathy Lloyd said...

Just stopping in to say hello Kath! Sounds like things are going well in your part of the world. I'm sure you are enjoying your new house! It's beautiful! Have a great week!

Christine said...

Sounds like a very productive week, Kath! All of your stitching looks absolutely lovely.

Farm Girl said...

Great stuff Kath, Clare will be away in no time at all. Love your SB stocking, and your Lizzie Kate Christmas piece is almost there, looking good!