Sunday, July 03, 2011

May/June update

Hello! What a busy couple of months I have had. First Laurne has her Graduation then about ten days later Miss Anna turned 21! Where ever have the years gone? I shot down to Wellington for the weekend and it is just wonderful. The weather was lovely, the meal out was lovely and it was great to see the girls again in such a short time. Here is Anna with me and her little cup cakes. They really were just delicious!

Then last weekend our little group consisting of Katrina, Wendy, Clare and Rosie tootled down to Paraparaumu to a house that is just made for a retreat! We laughed, and slept and stitched and ate. What could be better.... well a little shopping could! Yes we did that too, a few shops in Masterton caught our attention, and then one of my fovourites, Thimbles and Threads in Upper Hutt. One of our online friends from Stitch NZ, Margaret joined us on Saturday and we had a great time with her too. Was great to meet another NZ stitcher from the internet. I am sure she will join us when we have our retreats from now on. I hope so.

Here is Margaret getting ready to snap us!

And Clare with one of her wonderful creations.... Clare does some beautiful work that is for sure.

Wendy, Rosie and Katrina all catching up on photos taken at a recent birthday party.

Oh and Anna popped in on Saturday afternoon too, here she is with Katrina whose needles were on fire with her LHN piece.

I have not taken any photos of what I am doing, but there is stitching, quilting and knitting going on. I really have needed it as things have been a bit stressful at work of late, but hopefully that will all settle down now and we can all move on. Winter is quite mild this year, although we have had a few good frosts and then a few days of rain. Today was just sparkling though and I managed to get a few jobs done that I had been putting off. The weekend just flies on by that is for sure.

Happy stitching every one, and have a great week.

~ Kath ~


Von said...

It was good to catch up with you, Kath! Glad you're able to fit in some stitching time, especially with good friends. :)

Alison said...

Great to see an update from you Kath. Glad you enjoyed your stitching retreat!