Monday, May 09, 2011

Bedtime Bits

A certain Miss H had her 3rd birthday recently. I made her some new sheets and a pillow, then a duvet for her Molly's bed.

I have made pj's for my girls... and they just love them.

It has been years since I have done anything like this for them, and well, I hate to admit it, I already had the fabrics in my stash!!! Lauren and I worked out it must have been there still a good 12 years. Wont be any other peeps with jammys like these ones. Power Puff Girls and Princess are for Lauren and PPG and Owls are for Anna. I even had fabric left over to make bags for each pair.


Katrina said...

Molly's new bed linen is certainly a big hit with Hannah:) Love the girls new jim jams,might have to get you to make me some too, lol

Farm Girl said...

Hi Kath, I love Hannahs gifts, bet she was thrilled. You sewing skills are excellent, love those jammies!

Wendy said...

Its always nice when you have original fabric. Great sewing.