Saturday, November 06, 2010

And We Have Green

The grass has ris! There is a lot of green out there and gets longer by the week. A few bare patches that have been sorted, but on the whole pretty darn good. The whole neighbourhood is in grass mode at the moment and hoses are going constantly. It's very time consuming baby sitting the lawn! Good thinking time though and Zeusy loves to dodge the water as he scoots past the wand.

My brother Tim and SIL Claire were here last weekend, and Tim made me this.... so all I have to do now is add some compost and pop in a few summer vegies. Just lettuces and I have some tomatoes growing in buckets. It was lovely to have them to stay and we had a lot of laughs and reminisced a lot. Zeusy loved having them here as they made a huge fuss of him and he was looking for them after they left for a couple of days.

On the stitching front there has been some progress too. Katrina and I are stitching this as a SAL and here is my progress so far. I had to change the spelling of honor to honour, just to apease myself. It fitted fine, so I am happy. Wont be any more for a week or two, just waiting for the nextr set of aptterns to arrive.

And I have been working on this stocking..... do hope to have it finished before Christmas! Yep, I will be pushing it a bit.

And I treated myself to these little cuties....

So that is my time away from work. The days are getting longer, not necessarily warmer, but certainly longer. Predictions are that our summer on this side of the island is not meant to be that wonderful, but we will see.

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Christine said...

Your yard looks good! Do you use grass seed for new lawns where you live? Here 99% of people use sod so you have a lawn much quicker (although it still requires a lot of watering in the beginning to get it established).