Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big Update

This post has been a long time in coming. Yes! I have moved and here is a little preview of my new home. I love it! There is no denying that. I am happy with the people (especially my builder Cliff) who have all done a stirling job. Absolutely stirling. The finishing is lovely, and the finished article is homely, relaxing and I know I will be happy here. The neighbourhood is lovely too and it is lovely to have neighbours to chat to now and again.

The cats moved well, but Mr Billy has gone awol. He has now been missing three weeks. I have not seen any sign of him anywhere and while I have been back to the old place - it is literally around the corner - he is no where to be seen. He has his collar and name and phone number on him, and he is microchipped. He is one very high maintenance cat that is for sure even when he is here. i do miss him though as he was a real sweetie when he wanted to be. So for the moment there is just Zeus and I. Zeusy is happy and has found a new sleeping spot where he can survey all that is going on around him. So that is that.
This was a big move, and I did mostly by myself. My lovely brother and SIL came and helped move my boxes and everything, in the rain (they were real troopers) and I had movers to bring in the big things. Lauren also visited for a few days too and it was lovely to have her here too as she cooked our evening meal, something less for me to worry about. It took me almost two weeks to get things all done and how I would like it, and there are still a couple of little things to be done (tomorrow hopefully) and then I should be right. Still have to have pictures up, but want to make sure I get them in the right place and I need an extra pair of hands for that. (Gee, where's a good bloke when you need one lol!!!)
I am just getting back into stitching and crafting, so there really is not anything to show right now. I am looking forward to the end of the month when Alison arrives for a few days from Australia. I do hope by then that the section is leveled off, it is a real mess right now and there is no grass or anything. Fingers crossed.
As most of you will know, Christchurch was hit by an earthquake a little of a week ago. The city is still in a state of shock, but things are returning to 'normal' for them, whatever that might be. I feel for these people and the emotional toll it must be taking on everyone with constant aftershocks. Always wondering. And we here in Hawke's Bay have not been exempt either, there have been a couple of good jolts over the last week which certianly gives you a fright. Earthquakes are just so out of the blue, nothing can prepare you for them. It is a constant concern for me now that I live alone.
I also have a new computer, so if you are reading this and I email with you, could you please email me as my old address book has not been transferred over and I have no contacts list to reply to emails that have come in over the past few weeks. It has been a bit of a mission with the new computer, but all is up and running now.
Thank you for visiting, I will be back looking at your blog soon too.


Alison said...

Oh looks fabulous! And all yours. :) Don't worry about the grass..I don't need any. Can't wait to get there and pat that Zeusy boy. He looks very settled by the fire LOL. Oh & I'll cook you dinner, OK?

Farm Girl said...

Your new home looks beautiful, lovely to see you back posting on your blog too! Fingers crossed your Mr Billy shows up soon.

Christine said...

Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! What a stunning kitchen! I'm glad to hear the move went well and I hope your kitty comes home soon.

Deb said...

Love the look of the new house. The lime green splashback is fabulous! Hope your kitty comes back soon. Life is good with me. No time to blog anymore tho!!

KarenV said...

Love your new home, particularly the kitchen! I hope Mr Billy comes home soon.

Kajsa said...

The new house is beautiful Kath! I hope Billy comes home soon.

Von said...

I'm so happy for you, Kath! Your home looks marvelous, especially the kitchen! :)

Debs said...

Glad that you're in your new home, and how cosy it looks. And why didn't we get to see any bedrooms? Do you have a stitching room? Or is the entire house now your stash room? Sorry to hear about Mr. Billy. Our old cat did the same thing when we moved. Callaghan just decided he didn't want to live in the house any more. We saw him every now and then but I think he was mad we moved. Your house is gorgeous, and I hope you'll be happy there. And why do you need two people to hang pictures? You can well do it yourself. Email me and I'll tell you how to do it.

Cathy Lloyd said...

Fabulous new digs Kath! I'm sure you are loving every minute in it! So glad you can move into a lovely new home and STAY! :) Hope all is going well for you and your Zeus...hope Billy Kitty shows up... Now you'll have time to stitch and craft and enjoy life!