Monday, April 05, 2010

How Time Flies....

It's been a good while since I updated my blog, not because I have not wanted to, just because there has not been that much going on in my house of late. I lost my stitching mojo, thank goodness I have found it again, and the hot summer days and working quite hard at work has taken its toll. I am not a fan of high summer and the heat, so maybe that is why my mojo got up and left!

Autumn is well and truely here now, and how I just love these days. The crisp mornings, the clear sunny days and the cooler evenings just make my day perfect. The Easter break has been fantastic, although today as I look out the window there is no clear sunny day, that has made way for a grey sky and some rain. We do need the rain though.

Lauren is here with me for the few days she has off, and it is lovely to have her here and to laugh and joke around. We headed off to Hastings and Napier on Saturday, and had a lovely day doing a bit of shopping and having a look around. Some great sales around too! Mind you, we just mostly looked.

So here is a bit of an update on the house...

The house.... yes we have frames and roof trusses on, and I am hoping that maybe we will have roof on this week although the weather is not looking too likely for that and it will be up to the builder whether he does it or not. It's all about safety too.

And here is a little Easter goodie thatg Istitched for friend Katrina as we always stitch for each other at Easter. SB Robins Egg.

So that is about me for the moment, I will update again tomorrow I think, I have a few days off and are looking forward to some sewing and stitching and just doing what I would like. A bit of a treat!


Alison said...

Oh Kath so good to hear from you! Your house is coming along nicely. Our neighbour across the street is also building & theirs is about at the same stage except they've got windows. So I can keep tabs on your progress through theirs!

Jan said...

Your house is coming along, so excited for you!

Also love that bit of stitching, lovely gift for Easter!

Jane said...

How exciting to see your house coming along. I love Autumn too, we've had beautiful weather over the Easter break here.

Thanks for the link to the cat pictures - some funny poses!

Cute finish too of the egg pillow you did.

Debs said...

Oh, Kath, I've missed you so much. And with our summer coming on fast--without a stop for spring--I'd like to come and enjoy autumn and winter with you--then we could come back here and do it all over again--and never have to endure those high temps.

The house is coming along great--bet you can't wait for the finish of it, and moving into your own place. How lovely for you. Love the SB Egg!!

Von said...

So good of you to check in! Love catching up with house progress as well as your sweet stitching. Glad the change of season agrees with you. :D

Farm Girl said...

Hi Kath, I found you by chance thru the link on Katrinas post today, I couldn't get the links to your blog on your profile to open any posts, just your blog header and sidebar.(I could also be doing something wrong - I'm pretty new to this!) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment the other day. The stitching you gave Katrina is beautiful, Shepherds Bush are one of my all time favourite designers. It is lovely to 'meet' some other Kiwi bloggers, everyone is so friendly.
Hope to see more of you here again soon.